Acquisition of a parcel of Pacific Teak presents an ideal opportunity for individuals, businesses, or institutions seeking a low-risk, high return opportunity with the ability to commit to a time horizon of 15 years or less, depending on the maturity of trees at the time of purchase. Our program is an excellent tool for achieving mid- to long-term financial goals such as:

For buyers needing to amortize the cost of their purchase over a series of monthly payments rather than an initial lump sum, PMG offers attractive financing options.

Pacific Teak owners can be environmentalists, or simply individuals and organizations that like the idea of combining their personal financial objectives with environmentally conscious benefits. The Pacific Teak Reforestation Project mirrors a theme used by many environmental groups… we believe that when an environment is created in which the financial incentives for Reforestation outweigh the benefits of DE-forestation, both industry and the environment win. We believe that our program accomplishes this, and therefore is ideal for anyone seeking either financial or environmental benefits.

This concept also supports the local economy and is supported enthusiastically by the local government. To encourage investment in its domestic economy, the government of Costa Rica has initiated reforestation incentives that enable the Pacific Teak Reforestation Project to operate tax-free and harvest and sell its plantation lumber tax-free.

For frequent visitors to Costa Rica, owning teak can make many of your travel expenses deductible for tax purposes when you tour our plantation(s) and explore this unique tropical paradise.

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