Pacific Teak’s project managers, Pacific Management Group, Inc. (PMG), offer financing options requiring as little as 10% down with monthly payments amortized over two to five years.

For example, with $5,000 down and a monthly payment of $750 over five years, you can purchase a full parcel of 240 trees with an estimated value between $355,000 and $443,000 at maturity depending upon inflation assumptions (based on first quarter 2006 pricing).

It is also possible to finance the purchase of a Quarter parcel (60 trees) or more of Teak trees. This is ideal for a family planning for college for their newborn. With as little as $1,250 down and $200 per month for five years, a quarter parcel can be purchased and harvested before your child’s 18th birthday, and secure for your child’s college education approximately $89,000 assuming annual average teak price increases of only 3.0%.


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