How does buying Pacific Teak compare with conventional investments?

One Pacific Teak parcel provides a guaranteed 240 Teak trees after 15 years of growth. Because you are able to purchase this asset at a fraction of its projected value at maturity, you are buying a rapidly appreciating, tangible asset.

In comparison, real estate, gold, stocks, and mutual funds have historically shown to experience considerable volatility. Comparatively, Teakwood has demonstrated much less fluctuation with consistent and sustained increases in value over long periods of time. Savings bonds are safe and predictable, but returns historically have been very low.

With a Teak purchase from Pacific Teak, you will likely experience high returns normally associated with more high-risk or speculative investments…but without the speculation and high risk. Your asset grows in value every year, regardless of stock market or gold volatility. And unlike real estate, a Teak purchase does not require ongoing maintenance payments, capital improvements, or management fees or headaches.

The global Teakwood market is driven by growing demand and shrinking supply, making your asset more valuable each year as it grows to maturity.