The Pacific Teak plantations are located in various regions of Costa Rica. Trees in the Pacific Teak plantations range from newly planted seedlings  to as old asten  years. To see for yourself the beauty and bounty of the Pacific Teak plantations, we have provided a small collection of plantation images.
Please check back soon as we continually update our photo collection with more recent images taken from the Pacific Teak Reforestation Project plantations.


Teak trees grow large, broad leaves, and produce a dense canopy, providing an excellent refuge for birds and animals.

This pasture will soon be marked and planted with teak seedlings.

Trees begin from genetically chosen seeds, produced into seedlings which grow rapidly once planted.

These towering Teak trees are only three years old.

After only one year trees grow to 12 feet tall.

Proper management of these six year old trees will insure a successful harvest.

Square cut logs, harvested from thinning, are readied for market. Thinning allows the larger, stronger trees left to flourish.

Teak trees are a species well suited to the plantation environment, and Costa Rica has the ideal climate and terrain to optimize Teak’s growing conditions.