It is important to understand the many compelling financial and environmental benefits of a Pacific Teak purchase. These include:

Assured growth
Even if Teak prices remain static, your investment in plantation Teak is expected to grow to 5 times its acquisition cost over the next 15 years, as the trees grow from seedlings to harvestable age.

Asset appreciation
Your Teak trees at maturity are anticipated to be worth as much as 10 times their acquisition cost based upon historical Teak price trends.

Phenomenal profitability
Because seedlings are purchased at a mere fraction of their value at maturity, tree owners can expect conservatively estimated compounded returns of 14.8 % or more per year, an average return of well over 50%  of the purchase price per year, and, over the lifetime of the growth cycle (15 years), a total increase in value of over 800%. To see conservative vs. likely-case appreciation scenarios for Pacific Teak, simply use our dynamic online Valuation Forecaster.

No monthly or yearly maintenance fees
Pacific Teak project foresters manage and maintain your trees during the growth cycle with no additional ongoing annual or monthly fees. Our on-site experts can also help harvest and sell mature trees for owners, with our shared goal of securing the best price possible. After deducting nominal harvesting and milling costs, a one-time care and maintenance fee of 6% is applied to the harvest’s net realizable value. Over the life cycle of your trees, this is the only service fee assessed to tree owners by the Pacific Management Group.

Rainforest reforestation
At Pacific Teak project we plant Teak trees only in vacant, deforested areas. We also plant additional native tree species to replenish and preserve the rainforests and natural ecology of Costa Rica.

Certification standards met
Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification standards are met. FSC® is an international non-profit organization founded in 1993 to support environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests.

For more on the benefits of purchasing Teak through the Pacific Teak Reforestation Project, please obtain a copy of our Buyer’s Guide.