Developed and managed by Pacific Management Group Inc. (PMG), the Pacific Teak Reforestation Project began in 1998 in Costa Rica as privately funded venture. PMG was formed to expand Pacific Teak’s reforestation efforts through the acquisition and planting of additional deforested land, while at the same time providing international buyers with the opportunity to purchase a lucrative, low-risk asset with exceptional anticipated potential returns.

PMG sells parcels of Teak trees, planted and grown in plantations in various areas of Costa Rica. For each Teak tree parcel purchased, buyers receive guaranteed complete ownership of 240 trees at harvest. Unlike other Teak farms, there are no ongoing maintenance fees or other charges during the growth cycle. PMG provides comprehensive management and maintenance of the owner’s trees from planting through maturity. Expert professional care and a commitment to utilizing the latest technological advancements in silviculture ensure the production of high quality timber to maximize yields and returns to buyers. At maturity, PMG will harvest and sell timber for owners or owners may sell the timber independent of PMG.

The information and resources available through the Pacific Teak website are designed to educate prospective buyers about the project, projected financials, the Country of Costa Rica, and the basics for getting involved with this exciting project.  We hope you will join our growing international family of individuals and organizations dedicated to preserving and rebuilding the rainforests while watching the value of their assets grow.

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